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    Why study electronic engineering?

    • Because electronics is the technology that paved the way to the birth of the Information society, is everywhere around us and will play an even more pivotal role in the future.
    • Because it is a fascinating subject which spans many field including nanotechnology and renewable energy sources.
    • Because electronic engineers will have plenty of work opportunities both in Italy and abroad in leading sectors of industry and services such as automotive, aereospace, energy, domotics, defence, electronics for health care.

    Educational mission

    Graduates of the electronic engineering program will be able to conceive, design ad develop advanced electronic systems, which will find plenty of applications in industry and services.

    The electronic engineering program is grounded in a solid knowledge of mathematics and physics and is articulated in different curricula with a multidisciplinary vision. This allows the electronic engineer to play a key role in the information and communication technology. (S)he will be able to successfully tackle complex engineering problems, which have a high technological content.


    Career opportunities

    Thanks to the versatility and the broad cultural background of the electronic engineering program, graduate are employed in a range of occupations and industries including:

    • Companies that design and manufacture electronic components
    • Companies in the informatics and biomedical sectors
    • Car companies and companies in the energy sector
    • Aerospace
    • Industrial automation
    • Telecommunications
    • Defence
    • Service companies

    Course venue

    Similarly to all the programs in Engineering offered by University of Naples Federico II, first-year classes are offered in the complex of San Giovanni a Teduccio, and in the complex of Fuorigrotta. Both university complexes can be easily reached by public transportation.
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